How Saunas Could Boost Your Mental Health

We’re about an hour into our session at the Russian and Turkish Baths, an outdated-faculty bathhouse in New York’s East Village, when my close friend Matt closes his eyes, throws his head again, and says, “I’m having hit.” The two of us are sitting down on a tiled ledge. 50 %-bare people in robes and bikinis mill about. I’m experience sweaty and, as typical, nervous. But by the time we emerge onto the sidewalk an hour later on, I really feel immensely refreshed. My fingers are wrinkled and pale, and I’m calm in means I haven’t felt in months. I received the hit, far too. It feels like an accomplishment—a runner’s high minus the running. 

The concept that extraordinary heat can increase mental health isn’t new. The Russian and Turkish Baths opened in 1892. All-around that time, an Austrian scientist commenced giving clients fevers to deal with psychosis—a method that

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