How to Make Nut Butter at Home

There are worse vices than nut butter. Calorically dense, it makes a terrific snack for athletes, thanks to ample protein and body fat content. The only downside? A 16-ounce jar can cost upwards of $10. Thankfully, you can make it for all around 50 percent that cost.

Almonds, cashews, and sunflower seeds are all wonderful bases for your nut butter. Do not be concerned to mix diverse nuts and seeds, and be absolutely sure to get them uncooked and unsalted. Roasting at property helps make them less difficult to grind, attracts out valuable oils, and deepens the taste. 

Rachael Hartley, a dietitian from Columbia, South Carolina, likes to blend walnuts with maple syrup, macadamia nuts with coconut flakes, and pecans with pumpkin-pie spice. Right here, Hartley shares her foolproof recipe for a traditional nut or seed spread. 


  • 3 cups raw nuts or seeds
  • 1 tablespoon peanut or neutral-flavored oil
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