This Former Marine Planked for 8 Hours and Set a World Record

How very long can you keep a plank for? Mainly because George Hood, a sixty two-year-outdated former marine, possibly just blew you out of the drinking water. On Feb. 15, Hood held the pose for eight hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds. He broke the Guinness World File for the longest plank.

In scenario you’re questioning, that is longer than it requires to observe The Irishman twice, or the total primary Star Wars trilogy. According to a United states Today estimate, Hood burned 4,252 calories.

It was not the first time that Hood, who’s also a retired Drug Enforcement Administration agent, broke the document. In 2011, Hood held a plank for a person hour and 20 minutes, foiled 5 a long time later on when Mao Weidong from China planked for eight hours, a person minute, and a person next.

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