The Hydrating Vegan Mask That Soothed My Unhappy, Dry Skin


I usually believe that our bodies need fewer things than we put on them. In the past, I approached my skin-care routine with a similar mindset: for both my face and body, Dr. Bronner’s was for cleaning, Lubriderm was for moisturizing. This made me feel like a true pragmatist: I was saving money, I was bucking the trend of using hyper-specific products to solve made-up problems, and I was constantly coated with a thick layer of emollients.

My skin, however, was not happy. Or at least, it could have been happier—it was often uncomfortably dry and unnecessarily red and inflamed. Then one day, as the story often goes, I tried my partner’s face wash: Youth to the People’s Superfood cleanser. “Game changer” doesn’t do this experience justice. My skin felt cleaner than it had in months. But I needed more.

Within a few days, I was the proud owner

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