Heart assault indications: Know what is a health-related unexpected emergency

Whether your indicators appear to be obvious or are extra subtle, consider them critically and get health-related care.

By Mayo Clinic Personnel

Usual coronary heart assault indications

  • Chest pain or agony. This distress or agony can really feel like a limited ache, force, fullness or squeezing in your upper body lasting more than a couple minutes. This soreness may well occur and go.
  • Upper human body ache. Ache or soreness might spread beyond your upper body to your shoulders, arms, back, neck, enamel or jaw. You may well have upper human body ache with no chest soreness.
  • Tummy discomfort. Discomfort may possibly lengthen downward into your stomach space and could sense like heartburn.
  • Shortness of breath. You may perhaps pant for breath or check out to choose in deep breaths. This normally occurs before you establish chest discomfort, or