Morning Mobility Check-In | Breaking Muscle


Final week, I wrote about how mobility—the means to go and be moved freely and easily—is not a independent aspect of fitness. Somewhat, mobility is an expression of your fitness, and informs your second-to-second actuality.



Just as the martial arts masters insist we should be capable to kick cold, and Kelly Starrett’s well known analogy describes how a leopard should always be all set to sprint for its livelihood, how can you go in every second of your everyday living?


Clean out of bed in the early morning is potentially the greatest check of your accurate mobility. If a group is only as solid as its weakest member, you are only as cell as your stiffest second.


To include some simple screening and actionable tips to this theoretical musing, I offer this early morning mobility verify-in. In this video, I describe and reveal three quick movement sequences that you can

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