Train Hard, Recover Harder | Breaking Muscle

Based on my email inbox and Instagram DMs, recovery from training is a hot topic. I get asked all kinds of questions about recovery techniques.


  • “Can you assess my supplement stacks?”
  • “Should I do active recovery workouts?”
  • “When do I foam roll?”
  • “How would you change my nutrition on rest days?”
  • “What stretching routine should I do post-workout?”
  • “Will ice baths or cold showers help my gains?”
  • “What about cupping, compression garments, and percussion massagers!”



I’m delighted people are giving their recovery some attention. Sadly, I think they are focusing their attention on the wrong parts of the recovery puzzle. In this exercise recovery series, I will help you maximize your recovery and results by focusing on what matters.


I’ll explain:


  1. Why stress is a double-edged sword and how to manage it.
  2. Why recovery starts with great programming
  3. The two most powerful recovery tools and how to optimize them
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