Why Endurance Athletes Feel Less Pain

When studying a e book on stamina a couple of a long time back, I interviewed a German scientist named Wolfgang Freund who experienced not long ago accomplished a analyze on the soreness tolerance of extremely-stamina runners. Subjects in the analyze experienced to maintain their palms in ice h2o for as long as probable. The non-athlete management team lasted an typical of ninety six seconds in advance of providing up every one a person of the runners, in distinction, built it to the 3-minute protection cut-off, at which point they rated the soreness as a mere six out of ten on typical.

The benefits were dependable with former study demonstrating that athletes can tolerate far more soreness than non-athletes. But not all sports activities impose the exact needs, Freund pointed out: “Maradona, at least, experienced the illusion that a excellent soccer player did not have to have to experience.” As

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