How One Race Series Thrived During the Pandemic

For many length running obsessives, the phrase “Trial of Miles” will permanently be a reference to John L. Parker’s novel Once a Runner, and the coaching mantra of the book’s hard-charging protagonist Quenton Cassidy. It’s an expression of 1 of the sport’s most fundamental, if banal, truths: if you want to get great at managing, you have to run a whole lot. For Cassidy, the “secret,” this sort of as it is, lies in “that most unprofound, and sometimes heart-rending approach of getting rid of, molecule by molecule, the incredibly difficult rubber that comprised the bottoms of his coaching shoes. The Demo of Miles Miles of Trials.”  

Again in the actual environment, the last fifteen months have given a lot of would-be Cassidys lots of possibility to get rid of the rubber of their soles, with the pandemic seemingly launching one more jogging increase. At the similar time, the

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