Is Blood-Flow Restriction the Future of Performance?


Soon after a workout various several years back, Mikaela Shiffrin slipped inflatable cuffs over her upper arms and legs, then cranked by a 20-moment circuit of relatively easy workout routines. “In 15 minutes I was fatigued, much more exhausted than I felt from a two-hour toughness session,” the two-time Olympic gold medalist says. “I remember contemplating, Oh my gosh, my arms are sore, like I just did 200 force-ups or one thing.”

Exhaustion was the position. The technique—called blood-move-restriction ­training, and also regarded as Kaatsu—uses stress about the arms and legs to noticeably restrict circulation, triggering a vast variety of adaptations in the system. Invented in 1966 by Yoshiaki Sato, an MD and a researcher, BFR education was 1st adopted by Japanese bodybuilders and powerlifters. It was not until eventually the early 2000s that it built its way out of Japan, many thanks in component to Jim Stray-Gundersen, a

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