Dehydration and youth sporting activities: Curb the risk

If you might be sweltering in the stands at a youth sporting function, consider what it is really like for the athletes. Understand who’s at danger of dehydration — and how to stop it.

By Mayo Clinic Staff members

Anytime youngsters or adolescents play sports activities or get physically lively in warm climate, they are at danger of warmth-connected sicknesses. Recognize how warmth-relevant difficulties happen and what methods you can consider to protect against them.

Chance aspects for dehydration

Your little one could possibly be susceptible to dehydration and other heat-associated ailments in a warm or humid surroundings if he or she:

  • Wears garments or protecting gear that contributes to too much heat retention
  • Rarely workouts
  • Is overweight or overweight
  • Is unwell or experienced a current disease, specially involving diarrhea, vomiting or a fever
  • Is taking selected nutritional supplements or prescription drugs,