Why Would Any Sane Person Take Up Running?

In writing and illustrating my new ebook, I Loathe Jogging and You Can Far too, I needed to deal with loads of the whys and hows of distance functioning, for both longtime runners and those who are curious about accomplishing their initially 5K. The e book is not so significantly about certain schooling programs or what footwear to wear rather, it describes why any sane individual would, in the 21st century, operate any farther than they essential to catch a bus. I use a lot more than 65 illustrations to make feeling of issues like procrastination, setbacks, pain, and comparing ourselves to other runners, as well as to deliver perspective on a passion that would seem weird to others and, plenty of periods, to individuals of us who run, as well. 

The following illustrations all seem in the e-book, which is readily available for preorder now and ships March

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