There’s a New Way to Choose the Right Running Shoe

A decade back, runners had a technique for selecting shoes that was straightforward, scientific, and improper. It was all about pronation, making certain that your shoe enabled your foot to roll inward by just the suitable sum with just about every stride. But amid the upheaval of the barefoot revolution, 1 of the to start with casualties was the pronation paradigm: inspite of two a long time of increasingly clunky pronation-managing shoes, runners retained having wounded.

The problem, ever since then, has been figuring out what to replace it with. The short-term alternative that several men and women (including me) settled on was a proposal from College of Calgary biomechanist Benno Nigg—one of the unique proponents of the pronation paradigm, back in the 1980s—that runners need to depend on what he dubbed the “comfort filter.” The thought is that if a shoe feels comfy, your bones and joints are probably

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