How to Deal with Running Pain Like a Pro


My most loved quotation about the suffering that runners experience through races (and tricky routines) is from legendary ultrarunner Scott Jurek: “Pain only hurts.” In other words and phrases, as powerful as it may possibly be, the irritation we knowledge when working to our restrict does no harm outside of getting not comfortable. Confident, it could possibly experience like you’re dying, but you are not. Some runners, which include the professionals (who would not be pros in any other case), have a better tolerance for this kind of discomfort than other people do. All those who sustain a ache-only-hurts angle toward their suffering have the greatest tolerance for it—and therefore get the most out of the bodily health they deliver to each race.

What does it indicate to have a ache-only-hurts mindset? At its core, it’s about not generating race pain out to be additional than it definitely is.

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