Narcissists Drawn to Politics, Study Shows

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FRIDAY, Oct. 2, 2020 (HealthDay News)

It’s all about him. Or her.

New research supports what much of the electorate may already suspect: Many narcissistic people are drawn to politics, and that could put democracy in danger.

As the researchers defined it, narcissism is a combination of selfishness, entitlement and a need for admiration.

“Successful democratic functioning requires trust in institutions, efficacy and engagement in the democratic process,” said Peter Hatemi, a political science professor at Penn State University.

However, “if those who are more narcissistic are the most engaged, and the political process itself is driving up narcissism in the public, in my opinion, the future of our democracy could be in jeopardy,” Hatemi added in a school news release.

For the study, researchers surveyed thousands of people in the United States and Denmark. The investigators found that narcissism was associated with higher

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