CrossFitters: The 3 Letters You Need to Know in Supplements

“If you had to choose one supplement to take for performance, what it would be?” I’m often asked this question. Amid the myriad of information and bro-science out there it is hard to grasp which supplements can offer you the most bang for your buck.

CrossFit, the Sport of Fitness, is ever evolving. Competitors are getting fitter, faster, and stronger, and the standards of competition are improving all the time. Because of this, we need a better understanding of how to maximize training potential. As training volume and intensity increase, so does our need to improve our nutrition to fuel and recover from workouts more effectively. This is where supplements play a vital role.

Nutrition for Optimal Performance

There are no truly essential supplements. They are called “supplements” for a reason – in general, they are meant as an addition your diet. They are not meant to replace meals or

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