Is There Risk of Coronavirus Exposure When Surfing After Heavy Rains?

COVID-19 has the environment in a stress. Grocery-retail store shelves are emptying, international locations are on lockdown and we’re all doing our finest to stem this immediately-spreading pathogen. Some of us are looking to head to the ocean for a very little respite, and with fantastic reason. But is browsing safe in these moments, specifically in Southern California, which has not long ago seasoned its fair share of rain? Most surfers in Southern California—especially those located in San Diego County—are accustomed to listening to warnings about staying away from the ocean for 72 hours right after significant rains to avoid contracting a cocktail of disorders from polluted runoff. But should really we be taking added safety measures to avoid the ocean all through this time? Is there a risk of currently being exposed to the coronavirus when paddling out right after the rain in spots with weak wastewater management techniques?

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