Renin Test: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What do the results necessarily mean?

If your success exhibit a bigger than usual total of renin, it could indicate you have:

If your final results display a lessen than regular amount of money of renin, it might mean you have:

Most typically, your renin exam outcomes will be compared with aldosterone examination results. These outcomes may perhaps exhibit a single of the adhering to:

  • Reduce than ordinary renin/Decrease than typical aldosterone. This may perhaps signify you have Cushing’s syndrome, a dysfunction in which the adrenal glands make way too substantially of a hormone termed cortisol.
  • Lower than standard renin/Larger than typical aldosterone. This may well imply you have PA.
  • Larger than normal renin/Decreased than typical aldosterone. This may perhaps mean you have Addison illness.
  • Higher than ordinary renin/Greater than usual aldosterone. This might suggest you have secondary aldosteronism. In this ailment, a healthcare issue in a different aspect of
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