Expert E-Bike Buying Tips for First-Time Riders

Like numerous locations in the planet appropriate now, we’re roasting in the city of Mariposa—a city in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Reliable 90- to 100-diploma temps for months have retained most people inside with their ACs buzzing, or in search of respite in the Merced River for a neat dip. But with e-biking, I can get out each day, no matter of the warmth the wind generated from cruising around keeps me great. This is my initial time e-biking and, like several new riders, I could’ve been stuck with a bike that did not function in the heat, couldn’t climb massive hills or epic routes, and was vulnerable to breaking down in the center of nowhere. Which is why I want to share e-bicycle purchasing recommendations with you—because it is not all about how awesome a bike looks (even though we do love vintage styling).



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