An Ultrarunner’s Tips for Prioritizing Wellness


This summer months, Jason Hardrath became the very first particular person to set 100 FKTs, or Quickest Recognized Occasions (as of publication he’s up to 107). For his 100th FKT, Hardrath went large and tried the Bulgers List—the 100 optimum peaks in Washington Condition. In a punishing 50 times, Hardrath ran 870 miles, put up 412,000 ft of elevation gain, and handily bested the outdated history of 410 times. To keep away from harm or burnout, Hardrath experienced to pay out near notice to his mental and physical properly-getting. Wellness need to be the cornerstone of all of our coaching programs, and we tapped Hardrath for his ideal guidelines.

Get Some Snooze

It is unachievable to overstate the great importance of rest: It is when your human body and mind fix on their own. It boosts your immune technique, decreases pressure, and assists you consider much more clearly. For

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