Hanging On: An Independent Trainer’s COVID-19 Response

I am composing this piece in reaction to the MindBody article in the coaches-only e-newsletter. There were being elements of MindBody’s actions that I could comprehend, and agreed with quite a few details place out in the adhere to-up by Breaking Muscle. In the long run, I do not concur with any third-party vendor getting management more than a business’ earnings and organization tactics. Breaking Muscle made available sensible information and I will insert my individual insights.  Inside are some insights or assist with my ordeals and what I am accomplishing as a fully self-employed unbiased trainer who is making an attempt to cling on with you in an already vapid and unjustly hyper-competitive sector.


My Briefing, My Shoppers, How I Pivoted

I have been operating in the well being and conditioning sector for 20 a long time. With that, I have had to maintain a range of roles, get

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