The Future of Strength Training

Facts-driven Education is Trending

One of the latest traits to emerge in the environment of resistance schooling is a concentration on details-pushed training—using technology to keep track of our general performance in real time.

“An instance of this is tracking the velocity of our squat,” suggests Scott Logan, strength and conditioning mentor at Superior General performance Activity New Zealand. “Technology can allow for us to keep track of the specific speed at which we’re going, this means we can concentrate on specified velocity ranges to give us particular preferred adaptations.”

Logan proceeds: “For example, if we desired to practice for strength, we may possibly be aiming for 5 sets of a few squats at a peak velocity of .7 meters for each second. That would put us in the strength assortment. On the other hand, if we ended up schooling for explosive ability, we may well be doing 5 sets

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