The Importance of Structured Training Programs in Recovery

What if I told you that by improving your training program, you could dramatically improve your recovery and your results?


In part one Train Hard, Recover Harder of the exercise recovery series, I explained that training was one of many stressors that your body has to deal with and that stress management is the key strategy to increasing your capacity to train hard and recover harder.



Most of us think of stress management as the way to deal with our grumpy boss, stroppy kids, empty bank account, or some other day-to-day worry. While using strategies to manage these kinds of stress is beneficial, I will focus on managing your training stress.


By focusing your attention on the input (training stress), you can increase the output (recovery and adaptation). Sadly, most of the people asking me for tips to improve recovery have gotten things backward.


They are desperately trying to out-recover

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