The New Training Rule for Injury Prevention

Recall the 10-percent rule? To reduce your danger of injuries, it reported, really don’t raise your mileage by extra than ten percent from 7 days to 7 days. It is a single of all those nuggets of common-sense knowledge that runners and other endurance athletes have relied on for generations—even nevertheless, if you try to consider it literally, it turns into nonsensical. What if you operate ten miles a single 7 days soon after an injuries or a crack or some other disruption? Do you truly have to have to ramp up by ten percent at a time, so that seven months later on you continue to will not have attained twenty miles for each 7 days?

These times, the ten-percent rule has been supplanted by a extra refined yardstick termed the acute-to-serious workload ratio (ACWR). The ACWR involves dividing your most new weekly mileage (or other measure of training

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