WHOOP Body: A Wearable That’s Truly Wearable

If you don’t already have one fixed to your wrist, you’ve likely seen the WHOOP strap on all matter of athletes. The wearable tracks workouts, sleep, and recovery without all the bells and whistles of a supercomputer on your wrist to provide deep insights into your overall health, performance, and well-being. Its newest iteration, WHOOP 4.0 is now 33 percent smaller with better battery life, and an impressive list of new features. The upgraded sensor ups the ante by letting you don the device off your wrist with WHOOP-compatible apparel—coined WHOOP Body.

To figure out where, besides the wrist, the WHOOP sensor could take accurate readings, WHOOP’s engineers looked for spots where blood flow beneath the skin was close enough to the surface to track, factoring in muscle and tendon movement, as well as how the device is secured against the skin to reduce signal noise and movement. Simply remove

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