Best Pullup Bars for a Killer At-Home Workout

If there’s anything close to the perfect exercise, it’s the pullup. It works the shoulders, arms, and back, and also increases stamina and flexibility. Vary your form, and you can strengthen your core and work other muscle groups that rarely see any action. And you can do them almost anywhere—no gym required. That’s why pullup bars are a home fitness essential.



What Should You Look For?

These days, home pullup bars are more than just a simple bar across a doorway. They offer variable handholds, adjustable placements, and versatility that will make them a key component to your home workouts. There are a few different types of pullup bars to choose from:

  • Doorway: These extend the length of a standard door frame. They’re inexpensive and simple.
  • Mounted: These bolt onto either a wall or ceiling, and are generally the most stable kind of pullup bar. They also vary widely in
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