Trying to quit smoking?

We all know that smoking is bad for us, damaging our lungs and potentially affecting those around us. But once in the throes of addiction, it can be really hard to stop. Happily there are more and more ways to help you quit, or at least switch to a less harmful tobacco option. Snus, for example, is a Swedish invention involving small pouches of tobacco being placed under the lip. You’ll still get the kick of tobacco but this will be without the tar and destruction of your lungs that comes with smoking. Snus is hard to find outside of Sweden though, but Snusdirect offers a range of products.

Keeping your hands busy

One of the biggest issues smokers have when they try and quit is keeping their hands busy. Not only is smoking a psychological habit, but it’s a physical one too. Many quitters find that the hardest part about stopping smoking is that their hands need something to do – so let’s give it to you. If you find your fingers itching to hold or roll a cigarette, simply pick up a toothbrush and brush your teeth instead, foiling that itch. You can also use snus in this manner very effectively, especially if you use loose snus which needs to be placed inside a pouch by you.

Personalise your programme

Of course everyone goes through the quitting process in different ways. Some people stop abruptly, and it works. Some need a specific plan to cu down and quit. Others prefer to try nicotine substitutes like snus. Ask yourself which group do you fall into? Then give yourself a long-term plan catering to the possibility of relapse. Think about how much you smoke. Are there activities or places you associate with smoking? Do you smoke under stress end so on?. having a deadline for quitting will give you something to work towards. Don’t forget to tell those around you, so they can offer support.