Video: How to use a dry powder tube inhaler

Below are common guidance for using a dry powder tube inhaler.

To get started, twist the include off and set it down.

Future, load the dose of medicine. Twist the foundation grip to the proper as far as it will go. Twist it back again to the left. You will listen to a click on, which signifies it’s all set to go.

You don’t have to have to shake the inhaler.

Convey the inhaler to your lips in a horizontal position. Set your lips around the tube and acquire a brief, deep breath. Continue inhaling rapidly and deeply.

If you need to have yet another dose of medication, repeat the previous techniques.

If you unintentionally blow into your inhaler soon after loading a dose, start in excess of and load a new dose. The tube inhaler is intended to deliver a single dose at a time.

When you are finished, location the deal with back again on the inhaler and twist shut. Retain your inhaler dry and shop it at room temperature.

Your inhaler may possibly appear with marginally unique guidance. Ask your doctor for a demonstration.