When should I take my vitamins?

Many people take supplements. Used to boost general health, or treat a vitamin deficiency, supplements are increasing in popularity.

Vitamins have a wide range of benefits. They can maintain good health, boost sports-based performance, and provide immune support. While most people get their vitamins from their diets, others need to take supplements to boost their health. You might read this thinking, “what is the best diet for me?” While there is no simple answer, as there are many factors to consider, you can find the best range of vitamins and supplements at online stores. Reading reviews is an excellent way to find the best online stores that sell supplements and have great health tips, like how vitamin timing can improve your health. Click on the links to be redirected to review sites that can assist you in your vitamin and supplement purchase decisions. 

What are the best vitamins to take, and when should I take them?

There is a wide range of vitamin supplements available, each of which performs a specific function in the body. While there is no logical research that shows the best time to take a vitamin supplement, there are general guidelines that can be followed.

#1: Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps maintain vision, organ health, and the reproductive system. 

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that should be taken with a meal. There is no preferred time to take vitamin A.

#2: Vitamin B

As a part of the water-soluble vitamin group, Vitamin B can be taken with or without food. Vitamin B is a great energy booster and helps to reduce stress. We recommend that you take vitamin B in the morning to get the best start to your day.

#3: Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to maintain effective immune system function and helps to protect you from cancer-causing free radicals. It is best to take vitamin C in the morning to help with the absorption of calcium and iron. 

#4: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is more commonly knowns as the sunshine vitamin. While we get most of our vitamin D from the sun, a supplement can keep your immune system in tip-top shape. Take vitamin D any time of the day as long as we take it with a meal.

#5: Vitamin E

This is the cell-protecting vitamin that keeps cells healthy. It can boost your immune system and widen blood vessels, reducing clots and heart attacks, and strokes. Take your vitamin E supplement with a meal to increase absorption in the body. 

#6: Vitamin K

Great at reducing blood clots and building healthy bones, vitamin K can be taken any time of the day, as long as it accompanies a meal.

#7: Calcium and magnesium

We should take these supplements at night to reduce the effects of restless legs and promote sleep. Calcium is a significant source of strong bones and teeth and can reduce your risk of osteoporosis and other bone issues later in life.


It is important to get advice from a trusted healthcare professional before you take any additional vitamins or health supplements. While they are fine in moderation, too much of a vitamin can have adverse health effects. To find the best range of vitamins for your health needs, read reviews of the best online stores for vitamins and health supplements based on the ratings they have received from previous customers.